Stone and modernity

  • Facade in Semond on Saint-Cloud hospital
    Facade in Semond on Saint-Cloud hospital
  • Example of a Semond slab
    Example of a Semond slab
Formats and finishes

This beautiful, medium-grained, light-beige Burgundy limestone has a very even, luminous texture.

It is extracted in the heart of the Châtillon forest, and can be shaped for paving, or cut for residential fixtures.

Its very even, beautifully luminous texture makes Semond the perfect stone for façades and large-scale special projects.

Stone Semond cuts either in the direction of passes (sedimentary deposit) or against the pass.

See specifications


  • Standard range Dimensions: 250 x 140 cm
    Standard tiles formats: square, rectangular, Opus multi-format
    customized formats possibility of large formats - contact us
    Standard thickness: possible in 10, 15, 20, 30 mm


  • Finition adoucie
  • Vieillie brossée – chants sciés
  • Vieillie bouchardée et brossée – les arrêtes sont épaufrées (cassées)