Large projects

Stone in architecture

The most beautiful architecture in history, such as our cathedrals and castles, is lasting proof of the dependability of natural stone over time.


Architects and project managers are showing renewed interest in the modern appeal of stone. New, energy-efficient extraction and processing techniques, almost inexhaustible resources, and its very low carbon footprint, make stone the material of the future. 

SETP is proud to be involved today in creating buildings that will be the benchmarks for tomorrow, working with the biggest names in modern architecture.

  • Façade en Semond à New York (USA) 62nd street
  • Terrasse en Lanvigne du Chateau de Louveciennes (78)
  • Sol en Comblanchien aux 4 temps à la Défense (92)
  • Façade en Beaunotte (Allemagne)