Contemporary flooring

Natural stone: nobility and modernity

  • Honed Comblanchien flooring
    Honed Comblanchien flooring
  • Comblanchien with cabochons
    Comblanchien with cabochons
  • Flamed Comblanchien flooring
    Flamed Comblanchien flooring
  • Shaded Comblanchien
    Shaded Comblanchien
Formats and finishes

Burgundy stone is unquestionably the finest material for building and enhancing your living environment. Its matt or glossy finish, in a wide range of colours from light beige to grey-beige, will add light and a modern feel to your living environment. Our stones are compatible with under-floor heating, ensuring a comfortable, well-regulated temperature for your room.

To create a beautiful, contemporary feel, SETP offers a wide range of standard, custom or large formats depending on the stone.

Pierres de la Côte de Beaune :


Pierres du Châtillonnais :


Pierres de Rhônes Alpes  :



All formats are possible:

Free length

Standard rectangular or square formats (up to 60 x 60 cm)

Extra-large formats: please contact us



Standard thickness: 10 – 15 – 20 mm depending on formats.



  • Honed

    Polished (for hard stones)

    Lightly brushed